Toughened Greenhouse Glass – 4mm & 3mm

LYD Glass mainly produce and supply 3mm and 4mm toughened glass to the European market with bulk orders.Our tempered glass passed the CE EN12150 standard, and we can also provide CE certificates if you need it.

Thick :3 MM and 4 MM 

Color : Clear glass and Aquatex Glass 

Edge :Arrised edge( seamed edge ), round edge, flat Edge

Size:Standard sizes/ customized size with logos

Production capacity: 2500-3000SQ.M Per Day

Certificate: CE certificate (EN12150-2:2004 standards)

Packing details:

Intermediate powder ,Cork pad or Paper .

High Strength Strong Plywood Crates or one set of glass packaging one plywood wooden box,then several plywood wooden boxes are bundled together.

Float glass grade : A grade

Thick tolerance: +/-0.2mm

Dimension tolerance: +/-1mm

Overall Bow: 2mm/1000mm

Rollerwave 0.3mm/300mm.

Fragmentation: Minimum value>40 pieces within 50mm x 50mm square area.  Others: Subject to EN 12150-1/2 and EN572-8

Post time: Jan-18-2022