Diffuse Glass for greenhouse

Diffuse Glass for greenhouse

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Diffuse glass is focused on generating the best possible light transmission and diffusing the light that enters the greenhouse. … Diffusion of the light ensures that the light reaches deeper into the crop, illuminating a larger leaf surface area and allowing more photosynthesis to take place.

Low Iron Patterned Glass With 50% Haze

Low Iron Patterned Glass With 70% Haze Types

Edge Work:Ease edge, flat edge or C-edge

Thick: 4mm or 5mm


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Glass has been used as a greenhouse glazing material for many decades primarily because of its high transmission of light and longevity. Although glass transmits a high percentage of sunlight, most of that light penetrates through the glazing in a directional manner; very little is diffused.

Diffused glass is usually created by treating the surface of the low-iron glass to create patterns that scatter the light.  Compared with clear glass, diffused glass can:

- Increase the uniformity of the greenhouse climate, especially temperature and light conditions

- Increase fruit production (by 5 to 10 percent) of high-wire tomato and cucumber crops

- Increase flowering and reduce the production time of potted crops such as chrysanthemum and anthurium.


Diffused glass is divided into:
Clear Matt Tempered Glass

Low Iron Matt Tempered Glass

Clear Matt Tempered

Low Iron Prismatic glass


Low Iron patterned glass formed with a matt pattern on one face and a matt pattern on the other face.This ensures the highest energy transmission over the whole solar spectrum.

Low Iron Prismatic glass formed with a matt pattern on one face and the other side is smooth.

Tempered Glass conforms to EN12150,meanwhile, we can make Anti-reflection coating on the glass.


Specifications Diffuse Glass 75 Haze Diffuse Glass 75 Haze with 2×AR
Thickness 4mm±0.2mm/5mm±0.3mm 4mm±0.2mm/5mm±0.3mm
Length/Width Tolerance ±1.0mm ±1.0mm
Diagonal Tolerance ±3.0mm ±3.0mm
Dimension Max. 2500mm X 1600mm Max. 2500mm X 1600mm
Pattern Nashiji Nashiji
Edge-Finish C-edge C-edge
Haze(±5%) 75% 75%
Hortiscatter(±5%) 51% 50%
Perpendicular LT(±1%) 91.50% 97.50%
Hemispherical LT(±1%) 79.50% 85.50%
Iron Content Fe2+≤120 ppm Fe2+≤120 ppm
Local Bow ≤2‰(Max 0.6mm over a 300mm distance) ≤2‰(Max 0.6mm over a 300mm distance)
Overall Bow ≤3‰(Max 3mm over a 1000mm distance) ≤3‰(Max 3mm over a 1000mm distance)
Mechanical Strength >120N/mm2 >120N/mm2
Spontaneous Breakage <300 ppm <300 ppm
Fragments Status Min. 60 particles within 50mm×50mm;
Length of longest particle<75mm
Min. 60 particles within 50mm×50mm;
Length of longest particle<75mm
Thermal Resistance Up to 250° Celsius Up to 250° Celsius

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