Sandblasted glass

Sandblasted glass

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Sandblasting is one way of etching glass that creates a look associated with frosted glass. Sand is naturally abrasive and when combined with fast moving air, will wear away at a surface. The longer the sandblasting technique is applied to an area, the more the sand will wear away at the surface and the deeper the cut.

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Sandblasted glass is made of water mixed with emery and sprayed on the surface of the glass at high pressure.
This is a process of polishing it. Including blasted glass and sand-carved glass, it is a glass product processed into a horizontal or intaglio pattern on the glass by an automatic horizontal sandblasting machine or a vertical sandblasting machine. Colors can also be added to the pattern called "jet-painting". "Glass", or used in conjunction with a computer engraving machine, deep engraving and shallow engraving, forming a dazzling, lifelike art work. Sandblasted glass uses high-tech technology to corrode the surface of the flat glass, thereby forming a translucent matte effect, which has a hazy beauty. The performance is basically similar to frosted glass, except that the frosted glass is changed to sandblasting. In the decoration of the living room, it is mainly used in places where the defined area is not enclosed. For example, between the dining room and the living room, a beautiful screen can be made of sandblasted glass.

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