Ultra-clear tempered glass

Ultra clear glass is a kind of exceeding clarity and low iron glass, which is also called low iron glass, high transmittance glass.

Ultra-clear glass

Ultra-clear glass is a kind of ultra-transparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron glass and high-transparency glass. It is a high-quality, multi-functional new type of high-end glass with a light transmittance of more than 91.5%. It has crystal clear, high-end and elegant characteristics, and is known as the "crystal prince" of the glass family.

Ultra-clear glass also has all the processability of high-quality float glass, has excellent physical, mechanical and optical properties, and can be processed in a variety of deep processing like other high-quality float glass.

High safety: low spontaneous breakages, until now there is no spontaneous breakages.

High transmittance: visible light transmittance near 92%, 6% higher than clear float glass. 

High aesthetics: More beautiful than clear float glass, with a jewel-like blue edge.