Tempered laminated glass

Tempered laminated glass

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Laminated Glass is made up of two or more layers of glass permanently bonded together with an interlayer via a controlled, highly pressurised and industrial heating process. The lamination process results in the glass panelsholding together in the event of breakage, reducing the risk of harm. There are several laminated glass types manufactured using different glass and interlay options that produce a variety of strength and security requirements.

Float glass Thick:3mm-19mm

PVB or  SGP Thick:0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm,1.9mm,2.28mm,etc.

Film Color:Colorless, white, milk white, blue, green, gray, bronze, red, etc.

Min size:300mm*300mm

Max size:3660mm*2440mm

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Features of Laminated Glass
1.Extremely high safety: The PVB interlayer withstands penetration from impact. Even if the glass cracks, splinters will adhere to the interlayer and not scatter. In comparison with other kinds of glass, laminated glass has much higher strength to resist shock, burglary, burst and bullets.

2.Energy-saving building materials: PVB interlayer impedes the transmission of solar heat and reduces cooling loads.

3.Create aesthetic sense to buildings: Laminated glass with a tinted interlayer will beautify the buildings and harmonize their appearances with surrounding views which meet the demand of architects.

4.Sound control: PVB interlayer is an effective absorber of sound.
5.Ultraviolet screening: The interlayer filters out ultraviolet rays and prevents the furniture and curtains from fading effect

What film thick and color of laminated glass do you offer ?
PVB film we use Dupont of the USA or Sekisui of Japan. The lamination can be glass with stainless steel mesh, or stone and others to achieve best outlook. The colors of the film include transparent, milk, blue, dark grey, light green, bronze, etc.
Thick of PVB:   0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm,2.28mm,3.04mm

Thick of SGP : 1.52mm,3.04mm and so son

Interlayer : 1 layer,2 layers,3 layers and more layers according to your requirements

Film Color: High Transparent, milky, blue, dark grey, light green, bronze, etc.

Layers  :Multi layers upon your request.
What thick and size of laminated glass can you supply ?
Popular Thick of laminated glass: 6.38mm, 6.76mm, 8.38mm, 8.76mm, 10.38mm, 10.76mm, 12.38mm, 12.76mm etc.
3mm+0.38mm+3mm, 4mm+0.38mm+4mm, 5mm+0.38mm+5mm
6mm+0.38mm+6mm, 4mm+0.76mm+4mm, 5mm+0.76mm+5mm
6mm+0.76mm+6mm etc, could be produced as per request

Popular size of laminated glass:
1830mmx2440mm | 2140mmx3300mm | 2140mmx3660mm | 2250mmx3300mm | 2440mmx3300mm |2440mmx3660mm |

We can also process curved tempered laminated glass and flat tempered laminated glass.

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