Tempered Glass

Item No.: LYD-1010
Tempered or toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass.
Thickness: 3mm -25mm
Min size :100mm*100mm

What is tempered glass?
The process of tempering glass is to heat the original glass to a very high temperature and then quickly cool it down to form a compressed surface on the glass. According to the shape, it can be divided into full tempered glass and heat strengthened glass (also called semi-tempered glass).

 How do we know that glass is toughened?

It is impossible to know whether the glass is tempered by observation or touch. You can use a break test or you can check the logo on the tempered glass.


What color of tempered glass can you supply ?

We can supply tempered glass in various colors and sizes.

• Clear tempered glass

• Ultra-white low-iron tempered glass
• Grey tempered glass
• Bronze tempered glass
• Blue tempered glass
• Low-e tempered glass
• Coated tempered glass
• Green tempered glass
• Screen printed tempered glass
• Frosted tempered glass 
• Sandblasted tempered glass
• Embossed tempered glass 



What thick of tempered glass can you supply ?

The tempered glass we can process includes:
3mm tempered glass, 4mm tempered glass, 5mm tempered glass
6mm tempered glass, 8mm tempered glass, 10mm tempered glass
12mm tempered glass, 15mm tempered glass, 19mm tempered glass
22mm tempered glass, 25mm Tempered glass.
We can also produce tempered laminated glass, tempered mirror, bent tempered glass, etc.


Qinhuangdao LianYiDing Glass -Professional tempered glass supplier
Min  size: 100mm * 100mm
Max size: 2440mm * 10000mm

Tempered glass testing standards: CCC, CAN CGSB 12.1, 16CFR 1201, ANSI Z97.1, EN-12150.

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