Copper-Free Mirrors

Item No.: LYD-1020
Copper-free mirrors are also known as environmentally friendly mirrors. As the name implies, the mirrors are completely free of copper, which is different from ordinary copper-containing mirrors.

Whats the Copper-free mirrors ?

Copper-free mirrors are also known as environmentally friendly mirrors. As the name implies, the mirrors are completely free of copper, which is different from ordinary copper-containing mirrors. The mirror is provided with a very dense passivator on the surface. To protect the film, it can effectively prevent the mirror from being scratched, and according to related experiments, the service life of the copper-free mirror is longer than that of other mirrors.

Whats the Silver mirrors ?

In the production process of silver mirrors, after the reflective layer of silver is plated, a layer of copper is plated to protect it. The purpose of this is to prevent the mirror from being damaged. For copper-free mirrors, the copper protective film is replaced with a passivating agent. Membrane is not only environmentally friendly but also extends the service life.

What is the difference between copper-free mirror and silver mirror ?

The difference between a copper-free mirror and a silver mirror is whether the mirror surface has a copper-plated element. Through investigation, it is shown that the copper-free mirror's wear resistance, adhesion, and corrosion resistance are better than those of ordinary silver mirrors, and the reflectivity is higher. . The use time of copper-free mirrors is longer than that of ordinary silver mirrors, so most people will prefer copper-free mirrors when choosing.

Glass silver mirrors are produced by plating the silver layer and copper layer on the surface of high-quality float glass through chemical deposition and replacement methods, and then pouring the primer and topcoat onto the surface of the silver layer and copper layer as a silver layer protective layer. Made. Because it is made by chemical reaction, it is easy to chemically react with air or moisture and other surrounding substances during use, causing the paint layer or silver layer to peel or fall off. Therefore, its production and processing technology, environment, The requirements for temperature and quality are strict.
Our glass silver mirror adopts high-quality float glass of Jinjing, Xinyi and Taiwan Glass as the substrate, and the mirror back paint adopts Italian FENZI paint, which has the characteristics of extremely high acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and humidity resistance, and its service life It is more than 3 times that of aluminum mirrors; the mirror imaging effect is clearer, smoother and truer.

The glass silver mirror also has the function of safety protection after passing through the lacquer film. If the glass is damaged, the glass fragments will still stick together to prevent the fragments from causing harm to the human body. The glass silver mirror after the film is called the safety silver mirror or film mirror.

Our silver mirror products can be processed with special shapes, edging, engraving, beveling, etc., and are widely used in the decoration of buildings and interiors, shopping malls, exhibition halls, hotels and other places; they can adapt to humid and seaside environments, such as toilets , Saunas, and seaside buildings.

Our company can also put protective films of different materials on the back of the glass silver mirror according to the requirements of customers to improve the safety of the product.

Performance characteristics:

The silver-plated mirror made has the characteristics of clear and vivid mirror image, soft and natural reflection light.

Copper-free mirror products have good environmental protection effects, and no copper layer does not contain lead, which truly achieves the perfect combination of use and environmental protection.

It has stronger corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and effectively prevents the black edge, mirror color cloud and other damages caused by the moisture caused by the glass silver mirror.

The film-coated silver mirror can be installed in a wet place such as a bathroom without discoloration, and there is no need to worry that the broken pieces of the silver mirror will hurt people.

Production capacity:

Maximum size: 3660X2440mm
Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Mirror back paint: Italian FENZI  paint