Production equipments
Production equipments


LYD GLASS is a professional glass manufacturer in North China. Our equipment includes:

• Tempered glass equipment , 2 sets
• Production capacity: 40 tons of tempered glass can be produced per day .

• Laminated glass production lines 2 sets and laminated glass autoclave 6 sets 
• Production capacity: 60 boxes of laminated glass of standard size can be produced every day, almost 6 containers .

• Low-e glass production line 1set
• Low-e glass of standard size can be produced every day, 2000-3000 square meters

• Aluminum mirror and silver mirror glass production lines 2 sets
• Production capacity: daily production of standard size silver mirror, aluminum mirror, copper-free mirror, low-iron ultra-white mirror 8000 square meters.

• Edging production lines 5 sets
• Production capacity: can process high-quality polished glass 3000-4000 square meters per day, seamed edge glass can process 6000-8000 square meters.

• Waterjet cutting equipments 4 sets 
• Production capacity: 500 pieces of water-jet cutting door glass can be processed every day, including cutting hinges, notches and holes.

• Automatic drilling equipments 2 sets
• Production capacity: 4000-5000 holes can be drilled per day.

• Automatic chamfering equipment 1 set 
• Production capacity: can produce about 1000 square meters per day

• Hollow glass production lines 2 sets 
• Production capacity: 1000-1500 square meters of insulating glass can be produced every day

• Hot soaked glass equipment 1 set 
• Production capacity: 800-1000 square meters per day

• Screen printing equipment 1 set 
• Production capacity: can produce about 800 square meters per day

• Automatic laminating machine 1 set
• Production capacity: can produce about 500 square meters per day
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