Do you know the processing temperature of glass ink ?

1. High temperature glass ink, also called high temperature tempered glass ink, sintering temperature is 720-850℃, after high temperature tempering, the ink and glass are firmly fused together. Widely used in building curtain walls, automotive glass, electrical glass, etc.

2. Tempered glass ink: Tempered glass ink is a strengthening method of 680℃-720℃ high temperature instant baking and instant cooling, so that the glass pigment and the glass body are melted into one body, and the adhesion and durability of the color are realized. After the color is improved and strengthened The glass is rich in color, the glass structure is strong, strong, safe, and has a certain degree of resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and has good corrosion resistance and hiding power.

3. Glass baking ink: high temperature baking, sintering temperature is about 500 ℃. It is widely used in glass, ceramics, sports equipment and other industries.

4. Low temperature glass ink: After baking at 100-150℃ for 15 minutes, the ink has good adhesion and strong solvent resistance.

5. Ordinary glass ink: natural drying, surface drying time is about 30 minutes, actually about 18 hours. Suitable for printing on all kinds of glass and polyester adhesive paper.

Post time: Jul-29-2021