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Copper-free mirror

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Update time : 2020-04-07 18:58:41
The difference between copper-free mirror and ordinary mirror:
Copper-free mirrors have better quality and higher durability than ordinary mirrors. It is environmentally friendly without copper mirrors and has a long service life. Ordinary mirrors are easily damaged. Hundred quality is general and not environmentally friendly.

1. In the production process of ordinary mirrors, after the reflective layer of silver is plated, a layer of copper will be plated for protection. The purpose of this is to avoid damage to the mirror.

2. The copper-free mirror is to replace the copper protective film with a passivating agent protective film, which is both environmentally friendly and extends the use period. Copper-free mirrors are also called environmentally friendly mirrors. ’

3. The mirror does not contain copper at all, which is different from ordinary mirrors containing copper. The mirror is provided with a very dense passivating agent on the surface to protect the film, which can effectively prevent the mirror from being scratched Hurt.

4. The wear resistance, adhesion and corrosion resistance of copper-free mirrors are better than those of ordinary silver mirrors, and the reflection rate is higher. Copper-free mirrors last longer than ordinary silver mirrors.

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