8mm Acid etched bronze glass sauna door

8mm Acid etched bronze glass sauna door

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Sauna Glass color : Euro Bronze/Euro Grey/Dark Grey/Clear/Etched Etc
Glass Thickness : 6mm/8mm
Popular sizes includes:

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What is sauna glass tempered doors and sauna glass windows ?
Sauna doors and windows are the main accessories of sauna rooms.
With the popularity of saunas, tempered glass doors and windows are increasingly used in sauna rooms.

Popular color of tempered glass sauna door

The main thick used is bronze tempered glass, clear tempered glass,  grey tempered glass and frosted tempered glass,screen printing Glass.

Popular size of tempered glass sauna door


Tempered glass sauna door processing and testing standards

Processing Technology :Cutting /Flat edge/Polished /Drilling Holes/Tempered with logo or without logo etc
Hole diameter (MM) :10/12/13/15/16/17/18/20 and 2*58 lock holes
Any size can be customized , Testing standards : TUV-CE-EN12150.

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etched bronze glasss 8mm
Etched bronze glass sauna doors
etched bronze glasss 8mm01
etched bronze glasss 8mm02
Etched bronze glass with holes

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