3mm toughened glass for aluminum greenhouse and garden house

3mm toughened glass for aluminum greenhouse and garden house

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Aluminum greenhouse and garden House Usually used 3mm toughened glass or 4mm toughened glass. We offer toughened glass that meets the EN-12150 standard. Both rectangular and shaped glass can be customized according to customer requirements .

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Why choose toughened safety glass for aluminum greenhouse and Garden House ?

We would always recommend toughened safety glass because of its strength and safety aspects. Traditionally, greenhouses have been supplied with 3mm horticultural glass - It may be cheap but it isn't safe, as it breaks easily.(Grade A safety glass) toughened glass is up to five times stronger than annealed glass. On impact, it breaks into small blunt-edged pieces, reducing the risk of injury. ·Toughened (Grade A safety glass) the optimum in safety glass.

Popular sizes are 610mmx1210mm,610mmx1144mm,610mmx610mm,610mmx457mm,1422mm*730mm,1650mm*730mm

                                       3mm Toughened Glass
Float glass grade A grade
Thick tolerance ±0.2mm
Application Aluminum Greenhouse ,Garden house
Wood greenhouse,Garden Sheds
Shape Rectangle,Irregular,Square,Trapezoid,triangle
Edge Flat edge,round edge,seamed edge
Min order 100M2
Custom size Yes
Trademark LYD GLASS
Customized logo Yes
Packing Power,Paper or Cork mat matbetween the glass
Transport Package Safety Plywood Crates Packing
Customized packaging Yes
Origin Qinhuangdao,China
Port: Qinhuangdao Port or Tianjin port
Price FOB or CIF
Payment Terms:  T/T
Warranty: 2-10 Years
Type: Tempered
Supply Ability Supply Ability: 75 tons per day
Lead Time: Within 15 days after confirming order
Certificate or test report: CAN CGSGB 12.1-M90,ANSI Z97.1 ,16CFR 1201-II,
CE Certificate (EN12150-2:2004 standards)

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3mm toughened glass for mini greenhouse ,aluminum greenhouse ,wooden greenhouse


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