Quality Standard
Quality Standard
S/N Items Tolerance Test&Requirement Standard
1 Standard Size 
(Width & Height)
± 0.5mm (70%)
L≤2000mm ±0.5mm(70%) / ±1.0mm(30%)
L≥2000mm ±2.0mm
2 Thickness ±0.2mm Thickness:3.0-19.0mm
3 Drill Hole Diameter ±0.5mm According to the client drawing
4 Hole Position ±0.5mm allowed 10% qty +-1mm
5 Hole to Hole ±0.5mm allowed 10% qty +-1mm
6 Diagonal Length ±1mm~±2mm(30%)
±1mm (70%)
L≤2000mm ±1mm(70%) / ±2mm(30%)
L≥2000 ±3.0mm
7 Bubble Inclusion   Not permitted
8 Scratches   Not permitted
9 Broken edge and corner   Not permitted
10 Color and clear   According to approved Sample
11 Black dot&Spots   Not permitted
12 Stain&finger etching print   View from a distance of 600mm not permitted
13 Polished edgework   Whitish appearance not permitted
15 Surface dust   Not permitted
16 Surface moisture   Not permitted
17 Internal cracks or hole split   Not permitted
18  Glass fragments   50mm*50mm Range≥40pcs
19 Straightness of edges   Bow less than0.15%&Wavy less than 0.08%
20 Breakage of glass   According to EN12150,CAN CGSB 12.1
ANSI Z97.1 ,16 CFR 1201